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We are a business advisory service located in Vera, Almeria. Vera is a large municipality in Almeria and offers a lot of potential for professional services.

The founding partners established Saga Business in 2000, after previously working in various banking and accountancy firms.

Saga Business provides advisory services that address all the needs of a business, including accounting, tax advice, employment advice, trade / commerce, business administration and so forth.

We specialize in tax advice which we consider to be the most important due to the large complexities and high tax burden companies are subject to.

The team

Our highly professional team has extensive experience, training and (prior employment experience) and is made up of graduates with Economics and Business degrees as well as Vocational Training.

Our experienced team of specialists come from a wide range of backgrounds including graduates with degrees in Economics and Business, as well as Vocational Training.

The team is led by the Managing Partner, Antonio Jesús Gallardo Grima. I graduated from the University of Granada in 1997, with a BSc in Economics and Business Studies. He is registered at the illustrious College of Economists in Almeria ( registration number 167 ).

As an added benefit, our team includes fluent English speakers. This allows us to deal directly with English-speaking clients and relay our knowledge of the Spanish system to them.

Right from our inception, we have been advising non-residents and foreign nationals and are considered specialists in this area.

Our Clients

Even though we are based in the town of Vera, our client base is located throughout the province of Almeria.

The nature of the consultancy business and our implementation of new technologies allows us to easily connect to and stay in contact with our client base no matter where they are located. It also allows us to constantly improve our services and offer competitive pricing.

Due to our specialized areas of expertise, our client base mainly consists of small to medium sizes business (SMEs) in the commercial sector as well as self-employed individuals and business owners. Our clients also include a number of non-residents and foreign nationals.

Mission statement

These key characteristics sum up our business philosophy and forms part of our mission statement:

  • working closely with our clients in confidence
  • be effective in our dealings
  • planning, preparation
  • honesty and integrity

Our mission statement is to work closely with our clients, and to be effective, practical, open and honest in our dealings with them. This is a philosophy that has been best expressed by renowned people, such as:

“We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things. ” Herb Kelleher

“Today you have to run faster to stay in place.”  Philip Kotler

“Everything that is done can be measured, only if it is measured it can be controlled, only if it is controlled can it be addressed and only if it is addressed can it be improved.” Pedro Mendoza

“Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” Walt Disney

Who are we?

Our Team

Antonio Jesús Gallardo Grima
Founding Partner and Manager

Maria Carmen Gonzalez Ibañez

Sara Mimbrera Tyson
Specialist in tax, employment and accounting advice

Belen García Sanchez
Specialist in tax, employment and accounting advice

Ana Piñero Mulero
Administrative manager

María José García López
Administrative manager

Paqui Carretero Zamora
Administrative manager

Maria Jose Mateu Salas
Administrative manager