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Accounting advice and recommendations for small and medium sized business with regards to compulsory accounting obligations in accordance with trading standards.

Company formations, foundation agreements and general meetings

All documentation prepared for individual clients. Company statues tailored to the individual client, not just standardized.

Preparation of general, sector and cost accounting

Adapted to each company, the general accounts are prepared for an audited tax result. For businesses with various activities, we prepare sector accounts for each activity.

Cost accounting enables clients to have the necessary information to make informed decisions. Accounts will be prepared on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis depending on the company’s needs.

Preparation of account statements and comparisons with forecasts and budgets

The accounts will be prepared in different formats that can be compared with forecasts / budgets, so that initial planning errors can be detected, and thus assist in future planning and decision making.

Preparation and finalizing of annual accounts, accounting books / ledgers, the Minute Book and the Partner Book for submission to the Company Registration Office. All this documentation is a legal requirement and at times require updating due to legal complications / considerations. We ensure the formal and legal requirements are met.