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Tax Advice and Planning for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), Individuals and Non-residents

At the initial set up of a company, it is important to know how to fiscally focus your business for optimum tax savings.

This includes choosing the correct method of taxation (estimated or direct payments) as well as the optimum organization of your documentation in order to prepare for any future administrative controls / checks / audits.

Account Statements

On-time tax returns for Company declarations, tax related duties (Census Models), VAT, personal income tax, corporation tax, third-party transactions, transactions between different provinces and autonomies, year-end statements, SII (the VAT Immediate Information System ), etc. to allow the Tax Office to ensure the correct payment of taxes and to avoid unnecessary audits.

Proper tax planning for Individual statements: Income tax, asset tax, foreign / overseas asset tax, non-resident tax (real estate tax, 3% rebate, FD9, etc.), asset transfers, donation tax, inheritance tax, etc. to minimize your tax liabilities.

English-speaking fiscal advice service in Vera, Almeria.Particular Statements

Appeals and claims to the tax office and other tax bodies, financial courts, asset transfer appeals, etc. Nobody wants to reach this point in a dispute, however, it happens all too commonly so we will ensure that the administrative bodies do not use their fiscal role to impose their own interpretations.

Representation in front of Tax Inspectors

With your permission, we will represent you before the tax inspector in order to avoid undue inconvenience and time when involved in these situations.