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Staffing Advice

Depending on the activity and size of the company, an initial approach to staffing should be established to establish procedures for future events such as labor relations with outside bodies.

It is very important to register the commencement, termination and changes to employment contracts within companies on time. Failure to register such employment information can incur serious criminal measures.

Therefore, as accountants are very adept at dealing with such processes and procedures, the coordination between the accountancy and the company is very important. Our consultancy has a well-trained workforce that allows for a prompt handling of these types of issues.

Saga Negocios is a Labour Consultancy located in Vera, AlmeriaEmployment Contracts

This phase is the most important in the relationship between the employer and the employee. It is therefore important to choose the correct agreement, position and renumeration method as to avoid any potential future conflicts.

Payroll and Social Security

The correct administration of payroll will help avoid any potential internal conflict with your employees. Therefore, we stay in direct contact with both the company and its employees to ensure agreement between both parties.

Application of Benefits and Pensions

Timely application for benefits and pensions, for instance, a permanent incapacity / disability pension or a retirement pension, is of paramount importance. Therefore, the application should be handled by an experienced Consultancy such as ours.

Preparation for Labor Inspections or Termination of Employment Contracts

Although these are disputes we always try to avoid, they are situations that any company can find itself in. We ensure they will be approached with best practice to avoid any escalations.

We assist and collaborate with other legal professionals during any labor dispute. When a labor dispute goes to court proceedings, we will hand the case over to our trusted legal team.

In order to work with and take care of our clients in these situations, we not only hand it over to our legal colleagues, we also work together with them in the preparation of the documentation.

Furthermore, we assist in planning the approach to the dispute as well as accompanying our clients to the necessary meetings and visits to Legal Departments.